Dreaming of America

As a kid I remember thinking of America as a fascinating, exciting place filled with opportunity and adventure. Growing up I watched movies, listened to music and read comic books – all filled with «American» culture.

But what is America like today? To explore this, I have created the podcast Dreaming of America where I will be interviewing various Americans that I’ve met throughout my life and ask them about their own, unique experience.

Welcome to Dreaming of America!

  1. Dreaming of America: Episode 01 - Prequel Eirik Bay 30:15
  2. Dreaming of America: Episode 02 - An Uncle In America Eirik Bay 40:45
  3. Dreaming of America: Episode 03 - The High School Experience Eirik Bay 45:13
  4. Dreaming of America: Episode 04 - The Professor Eirik Bay 46:27